We work differently.

We Have a Track Record Of Superior Customer Service with Our Customers

Our hard-working, professional crew shows up on time and ready to work on your project. As the face of Great Walls Painting, they will treat you and your home respectfully.

As painters, we do more than just painting. We team with the experts in related fields to coordinate making your space look it’s very best.

The major benefit of having us coordinate the work you need for your walls is a contiguous timeline rather than spending your time waiting for this contractor or that one. We team up with excellent drywall contractors, for example.

Allowing us to coordinate your project allows us to dovetail with drywall installation and curing rather than you spending time on the phone coordinating contractors. We take care of all the details and move promptly to paint as soon as possible. This helps you get back to “normal life” sooner rather than later. This extra level of care distinguishes us from other contractors.

We’re happy to answer your questions as well as provide our detailed estimate, avoiding hidden fees so you can more easily make your selection of who you want to take on your project.

In any industry. the best companies tend to employ the best workers. At Great Walls Painting our employees are experienced and well-trained but just as importantly are service-oriented professionals.

Quality is integral to our work ethic and we’ve built our reputation on that. That’s why our business receives so many word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers, even years down the road from our work completed for you.

How we work




Using proper procedure is paramount to proper adhesion and appearance. Thorough preparation is key to a quality, lasting paint project.



We apply multiple coats of high-quality paint, allowing just the right amount of time to dry between coats to ensure a long-lasting surface.


Daily Maintenance (projects longer than a day)

We work with you to establish pre-determined locations for temporary material storage.


Final Walk Through

We coordinate a walk through with you to ensure that all of the contracted areas have been painted to your specifications & our company standards.